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Asset Path Management is in the business of helping people and companies who have excess inventory or closeout merchandise. We are reliable and experienced. Our fast, easy process is designed to respect your time and solve your challenging problems. We also believe in presenting you with a fair and competitive offer for your product(s).

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We buy all types of consumer-related products with an emphasis on Sporting Goods.
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Three Easy Steps:

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Call (or submit) and tell us what you have to sell.

We make an offer

We review and contact you with a fair offer.

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We pay up front and schedule a quick pick-up.

Our Firm

Our firm is part of a global organization with offices throughout the United States and Asia. For more information visit (www.EJTholdings.com). We are always on the look out for new business startup opportunities. If your business idea has great growth potential, high margins, and a simple straightforward business plan please contact us!!

We are surplus inventory buyers, excess merchandise buyers, closeout buyers, wholesale bulk inventory, closeout merchandise, overstock merchandise, unclaimed freight buyers, abandoned inventory buyers, inventory liquidators, wholesale liquidators, excess inventory buyers , warehouse liquidators, wholesale buyers.. Basically, if you have it we buy it! We pay upfront, and we pick up all the items from you ASAP!

There are many different reasons why companies have excess inventory and must liquidate. Whatever the reason, the solution is to turn it into cash and free up valuable and/or expensive warehouse space. Let us help you do this!

If you need to liquidate overstock inventory, we would like the opportunity to help you. Our focus is on retail-ready items. We purchase all types of quantities – ranging from one case pack to an entire warehouse. We work with wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, liquidators, distributors, importers, freight warehouses, and bankers to help solve their cash flow problems.

  • Closeout Merchandise, Overstocks, Excess Inventory, Bankruptcy Sales, Specializing in Sporting Goods and other Consumer Products!
  • Turn your excess inventory into cash fast! Free up valuable and expensive warehouse space.
  • We purchase all quantities – from one case pack to entire warehouses!
  • We pay up front. We pick it up. We make it easy. It’s as simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are you? A: Asset Path Management is a national buyer of close-out merchandise and overstock. We are a part of the company EJTHoldings.com

Q: What do you buy? A: Any retail consumer product with an emphasis on sporting goods.

Q: Do I have to ship my inventory? A: No, we arrange everything.

Q: How will I get paid? A: We will pay upfront or through an escrow management service.

Q: How long does the process take? A: Within a short period of time and we’d close within days.

Q: Why Asset Path Management? A: We can make decisions quickly and fund immediately.

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